Communication Tools for Ms.Binkley's Classroom

Welcome to fifth grade, Social Studies and Science, with Ms.Binkley! We use several communication and collaborative tools in the classroom. This is a great way to integrate technology, as well as, allowing students to explore new ideas and tools they can use. Parents can communicate and check student's progress through these tools too.

Pinterest is a great way for students to gather ideas and explore new ways to express themselves. Students and parents can access Pinterest through a phone or computer. Students can explore my page which includes great ideas for projects and research. Parents can use this site to collaborate ideas for their student or help their student access ideas for a project.

Twitter is a way for students and parents to communicate with other students or teachers. They can message (tweet at) to the teacher or other students to ask questions about homework or deadlines. Teachers can use this tool in the classroom by posting reminders about homework or tests for students.

Storybird is a great way for students to collaborate their stories and ideas with others. You can access storybird online for free. It is a great way for students to show parents what they are doing in the classroom. Students can also collaborate and look at other student's work.

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