Employee Protection

Equal Opportunities

Everyone in the workplace should be equal like its understandable that someone in a wheel chair can't work on a construction site because its to had to move around the dirt and rocks and is dangerous for them because of the big truck and stuff they use but to work at a job like in an office where you sit at a computer all day then they should be allowed because they are at no more disadvantage than the others same goes with race, religion and age.

Health & Safety

In the work place health and safety is a very big thing, your work place needs to meet the requirements to carry on employing people but you also need to be a specific age to join a work place. also it is hard to find young people work experience because of this. some jobs will have health and safety risk which apply to people who are disabled and  other forms of disability so them jobs get cut off from them and make it harder for disabled, young and old people.

Equal Pay

Equal pay is the difference between males and females in the work place, the pay being the same money for the same work, but they are not males get more than the females in the work place in some cases more than 50% more and then that puts females at a big disadvantage because if they have a big family and no male to help with work then they get less money to live off of.

Minimum Pay

Minimum pay is the smallest amount of money that a person can be paid to do a job in a work place but even that is not the money a person needs to live off of it way to low so most people have to live parents because of this the people of England are trying to get it increased so that they can live a normal life but for now it is still low and not good to live off of. hopefully by around 2018 to 2020 the money will have been raised for the young people to live off of.

Hours Of Work

There is a specific amount of hours that you can work a week (48) and you should not be working over this but if you are then you will be a lot more stressed out and have problems because of this and people are only doing it because of a little extra pay that they should be earning any way but they work because they don't want their family to go hungry but you also have people who want to work extra hours but they cant because there boss refuses to pay that bit extra to them so that they can keep their family going.

Sickness Pay

Sickness pay is when you get payed half or less pay because you are at home ill for what ever reason and you will get paid for how ever long you are ill for but you will get paid more if the illness you have contracted is work related to a stomach bug that all the pupils had at school the day before you got ill and took a day off because of it. this goes for any job at any given time even if it is not related to your work/ job you will still get paid for no work.


Holidays are everyone's favorite especially for adults so that's why they get a paid holiday every year even people who are working part time. so people who are working part time get 5.6 days off every year and they can do what they want on this holiday and they will still get paid the normal amount of money that they usual get but full time workers get more, they get 16.8 days of paid holiday to take when they want when ever they want just like the part time workers. the only difference is they get more than the part time workers.

Parental Leave

Parental leave is when you have to leave to be there for your family like when your baby is born the mum and dad get to stay off of work but still get paid and they get to spend time with there family or if there wife, girlfriend or baby gets rushed into hospital for some reason and they need to go and see then they are allowed to leave work and go see them but still get paid because its a family emergency and they need to be with them in hospital this goes with male or female and with any family member not just child and wife it could be mum or dad too.