The Dead Zone

By: Amy and Keagan.

What is the dead zone?

A dead zone is a place where chemicals are emptied into the oceans and causes all life in that area to die.

Pesticide contamination of groundwater is a very important subject because, groundwater is used for drinking water by about 50 percent of the worlds people. This really harms people living in the agricultural areas where pesticides are most often used, as about 95 percent of that population relies upon groundwater for there crops and farm animals.

The dead zone in the gulf of Mexico is formed by nutrients that wash into the Gulf's waters. It is mostly fertilizer and waste water coming down the Mississippi River.

It is hard for the fish and marine life to find oxygen in a dead zone. The contaminated water kills many fish every year.

The Gulf of Mexico dead zone is the second largest caused by humans and the largest is in the Baltic Sea.  

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