In Colombia, there has been attacks by a guerilla group called FARC( Revolutionary  Armed Forces of Colombia). Although the United States and Europe consider this group a terrorist group, they have been been attacking the Colombian military. Since 2012, the two sides have been in peace talks in Cuba. Many have said that a peace treaty seem possible between the two sides until FARC militants attacked and killed 11 soldiers. President Santos has declare to open up air strikes against militant group. There has been great political pressure on President Santos to destroy the group rather than negotiate with them. As President Santos declare to attack on the militant group, peace talks will be on hold for now.

1. The main opponent is the FARC militant group.

2. The United States and Euorpe are concerned since they claim this group as a terrorist group.

3. The Colombian military are going to air strike the FARC after their attacks on 11 troops.

4. The FARC is a Marxist group that is trying to take over the government.

5. The two sides have gotten together to negotiate a peace treaty. Through the reports, both sides have agreed on 3 out of the 5 major points in the peace talks. But, the FARC  just attacked the Colombian government so peace talks are up to a halt. The peace talks are not going anywhere because of the attacks on the Colombian military.

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