The trip to Dublin was the best schooltrip I have ever done.

At the monday morning, we went to a farm, and that did'nt smell very good. We cooked Irish soda bread, the farmer, Andy, told us what we had to do. He threw to us an egg and we must caught it, no one let it fall.

In the afternoon, some boys and girls tried to milk a cow. After we sat in a tractor to go to the pet bog and we sang a lots of songs. Samson and Jérémy walked on the pet bog and they did a race. It was very fun !

Next, we played music and the person who let his stick fall must dance in front of everybody. We danced irish dance but there not so much place.

Later, we ate our soda bread, it was delicious.

At the evening, we went to the beach. It was very nice because everyone was there, we laught a lot and some people swam. I think the sea was to cold for me.

This day was very fun even if it was the last one in Portamanock ! I wanted to stay in Ireland one more week !

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