Tom Horn

Tom Horn was born in November 21, 1860 in Missouri

He died in November 20, 1903, Cheyenne, WY

His immediate family is his Son of Thomas S. Horn, Sr. and Mary Ann Maricha and Brother of William Horn; Charles Horn; Martin Isaac Horn; Nancy Belle Adams and a lot more family.

Was an American Old West lawman, scout, soldier, hired gunman, detective, outlaw and assassin. On the day before his 43rd birthday, he was hanged in Cheyenne, Wyoming, for the murder of Willie Nickell.

He worked in Arizona for a time as a deputy sheriff, where he drew the attention of the Pinkerton Detective agency due to his abilities in tracking. Hired by the agency around late 1889 or early 1890, he handled investigations in Colorado and Wyoming, in other western states, and around the Rocky Mountain area, working out of the Denver office.

Tom Horn was the first and most likely suspect, and he was brought in for questioning immediately. Once again , he shook his head, kept his face expressionless and his voice very calm, and had a strongly supported alibi ready.

Later, riding in for some lusty enjoyment of the liquor and professional ladies of Cheyenne, he laid claim to the killing with the vague insinuations he made.

*He was involved as a packer and interpreter in an expedition into Mexican territory in the pursuit of Geronimo.

*He was a detective, lawman and gun for hire.

*Tom Horn was one of the few people in the "Wild West"

*In 1980, Tom Horn made his own movie.

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