School Segregation/integration

The Little Rock 9 were very courageous for going to this all white school. Courageous means that they were very brave by going to this school and facing the problems it held.

Vocabulary Word

Segregation - meaning the separation of whites and blacks.


"I knew it was going to be rough, but knowing it and experiencing it are different things" -Elizabeth Eckford

This means that knowing something is easy but going through the experience is much harder.


Governor Orval Faubus ordered US soldiers to block the doors of the white school to stop the black kids from getting in which is why the president had to give the students body guards. An opinion was that Elizabeth Eckford was a target. This was an opinion because someone had gotten a picture of people yelling at her and the picture was in the newspaper causing some Americans to wonder why people were treating a young girl so badly.

Video of little rock nine

How did this impact the overall civil rights movement?

This was part of the civil rights movement and this was how integrated schools started. The kids didn't give up and that helped the civil rights movement.

How did the kids respond to how they were treated?

They responded non-violently. They did not get into fights and they just took the chance to show that they won't retaliate with violence. They kept trying no matter how much the whites abused them outside of the school and inside.

Did the government agree with school segregation?

Governor Orval Faubus agreed with school segregation because he was a believer that blacks didn't need the same rights as whites did. The president did not agree.

How did the teachers treat the little rock nine?

Teachers did not lash out at the little rock nine because they had guards following them around the school to protect them.


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