Small Business Loans Without Collateral – Are They Even Possible?

Being a small business owner is not an easy task to handle at all. There are issues that present themselves at every nook and corner of your journey to success – issues that are typically complicated and in nature like a vicious circle. I am referring to financial issues here. When you start out as a small enterprise, the first and most important requirement that you will experience is capital. For most new entrepreneurs, investing personal savings and taking loans from personal connections and acquaintances is the only way to get start up capital. The issue is that most lenders, whether banks or financial institutions, are reluctant in dishing out financial support to new enterprises due to a question mark on their viability. And you have to be as lucky as Steve Jobs or Bill Gates if you are to find an angel investor willing to believe in your business idea and risk his own money into your venture.

This typical catch 22 situation has another angle to it.

Most new entrepreneurs are just starting out in the business world and will otherwise not have any property to offer as collateral to secure the loan they are seeking. This will present as another downside to their loan application which will begin to look less and less interesting to any lender they approach. The most difficult task of them all is convincing a financier of your vision and business plan and proving your capacity to pay back any assistance they might extend towards you. This is why most small businesses die out before they even gain any traction in the market.

But there are a few lenders who have understood this problem and are here with solutions that are meant to cater to such cases. I am talking about lenders who offer small business loans without collateral.

Think it is impossible for something like this to actually exist? I can understand your disbelief here but it is true. There are many private lenders these days that are actually ready to take a risk with new enterprises and offer small business loans without collateral to secure the funds they are giving out as assistance. There are some groups of lenders who are providing the small business loans to the people because they do not want to increase the market segment and on the other side, lenders want to settle them by providing them the cash.

Finding a lender who is ready to offer small business financing without collateral might not be as hard as you think. These companies are heavily represented on the internet and as such, you can get all information about them, including their loan products as well as terms and conditions attached to the financing through their websites. In fact, most loan applications can also be made online which is a great way to save on time and try out your luck with multiple lenders. Each company will have its own set of conditions and you should do your research well.

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