Cuba's weather is usually sunny, and the temperature is most of the time up to ninety degrees. There is up to 335 days a year of nice weather, on cold days which are at least thirty days out of the week the temperature is usually 61 degrees. There is a twist to this good weather, in 1910 hurricane Ike killed hundreds of people in the Havana area, and across Cuba. Cuba has a humidity of 56%, And the winds are usually 12 to 20 miles per hour.


Cuba climate is subtropical climate. The average climate temperature is 21 degrees, and all the time more around 70 degrees. The cubes climate is dry in the summer months, and rainy, and wet in colder months. Droughts are common, and hurricanes and storms happen from august to October.


Cuba's Religion is Roman Catholic, and Afro Cuban. In this freedom of religion something bad ruined it, it was a Cuban leader that really ruined there society.

As judgement as Fidel Castro was he banned Cuban religions, and nobody was free ever again. He banned schools, and churches devoted to religion especially Afro Cuban.

Despite banning it alot of older people do it today.

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