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What Does it Mean to Be a Student Athlete?

Studies have shown that students who participate in a school sport have lower dropout rates, higher GPAs and overall a better outlook on school than those who don't. Being a student athlete means having so much dedication and passion towards  a sport that you would be willing to give up valuable studying and homework time in order to practice and play. These students have a significant advantage over normal students because they learn how to work as a team, learn valuable time management skills, and demonstrate strong devotion and determination.

Richard Shermon talking to a reporter about how student athletes in college don't have enough time to balance school and academics

Student Athletes in High School

Being a student athlete in high school is no easy task. It requires another level of work ethic that many high school kids don't have. However, studies from the University of Kansas have shown that high school students that participate in sports have a higher percentage of days attended, graduation rates, assessment scores and a lower dropout rate than normal students. This's because most schools require their athlete's grades to be at a certain point in order to compete. Being a part of these sports also further prepares them for later life by showing them what its like to have expectations placed on them and showing them what its like to be forced to follow orders.

Student Athletes in College

If a student was an athlete in high school and thought it was difficult then they'd better be prepared because being an athlete in college is on another level completely. Being an athlete in college means giving up most other forms of recreation and dedicating your next few years of life to playing your sport. College athletes have to be extremely organized and skilled at time management in order to succeed both in their sport, and academically. Although this proves difficult, the NCAA are making many changes in order to further support their athletes in their struggles to maintain good academics. The graduation success rate of students in every division in the NCAA has increased many percentage points since 2006 and continues going up.


How do you think you would be able to fare as a student athlete? Would you suffer from constant anxiety and mental breakdowns? Or do you think your time management, organization, and perseverance skills would be up to the challenge. These skills are the things that separate normal students from students who can compete and learn all at the same time.


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