The Little Mermaid


The 1st quarter of computers were good. I learned that I always have to keep my eyes on the computer and never look at my keyboard. I also learned that I have to stay quiet when I work so we don't have to keep doing But, I also learned how to do projects this quarter. There were many projects such as the book report, the balloon scene, and the fairy tales. My favorite project was the fairy tales that's what I'm writing about now. The little mermaid was my story. I told it from Urusla's point of view. I made a lot of it up but it was hilarious when Sarah was like oh snap. The story explained that Urusla only wanted help from Ariel, she never wanted to harm her. She just acted nice sometimes. But she never really cared about anyone but herself. She always had a habit of pretending to be someone else.

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