The difference in emotional processes due to gender.

Studies show that women rate emotional images as much more emotionally stimulating than males.  Women and men are known to process emotions very differently. These were the findings of a large-scale study by a research team at the University of Basel that focused on determining the gender-dependent relationship between emotions, memory performance and brain activity.

In earlier studies it has been shown that the more emotional the situation the more likely it is for you to remember it.  Due to this fact psychologists have been studying memories by gender because of the way women process their emotions.  During the study it was proven that women could recall many more emotionally stimulating pictures that males but when they were asked about the neutral pictures there were no differences in appraisal.  "This would suggest that gender-dependent differences in emotional processing and memory are due to different mechanisms," says study leader Dr Annette Milnik.

I believe in many cases this is true because most women take things more emotionally than men do.  For example, if you are with a bunch of your guy friends and you see something traumatizing more than likely you will be more sympathetic than the guys, and it will affect you more.  In most cases you will remember more of the little details than the boys will.

This links with Psychology because it studies how the brain functions with emotional images and memory throughout men and women.

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