The Horned Toad Prince

By - Jackie Mims Hopkins


                                                     Presentation By - Ayshia Palmer

Page (3) "As Reba Jo's lasso whirled into the air , a great gust wind came whipping through the arroyo and blew her cowgirl hat right off her head into the dirty old well "

Inference : She lost her hat well while trying to lasso a vulture .

Page : (6) "Then without so much as a thank you , Reba Jo snatched her hat from the horned toad an galloped home "

After her and the horned toad made a negotiation she didn't hold her side of the deal up .

Page : (7) "Long about Midday ,when Reba Jo had sat down to eat she heard a tap , tap , tapping at the ranch house door . Reba Jo opened the door , but when she saw it was the fat horned toad she slammed the door in his face "

Page : (8) I am needed . I am really hungry the horned toad said . " I hope that's chili I smell ." He peeked at Reba Jo's smell.

He was hinting to Reba Jo's meal because that was part of the negotiation.

Page : (9) Then the drowsy little horned toad eyed Reba Jo's hat and yawned , saying that lovely music made me really sleepy .I'm ready for my nap .

He was gesturing to take a nap in her hat like she promised.

Page : (10) Thank you for my freedom seƱorita. Now I'll be , leaving as promised ."Now hold on for a dad burn minute.

Know that she knows that he's a handsome prince instead of a low- life reptile she wants to get with him .

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