Book Blogging, Ms. Berrisford, April 10th

In the story “Monster”, there are two big conflicts that play throughout two different time frames. In the first conflict, Steve is being prosecuted for murder for an attempted robbery that went south, while the other conflict is Steve’s struggle through prison life and the terrible people that are confined there.

The Store robbery consisted of Steve, James King, and Bobo Evans. Steve and his accomplices seem to be handling the court session well on the outside, but you’re given a sense of nervousness from the three of them. Since there is a time gap that explains the situation in the future, the information on how the court session is resolved is already given. If I was in Steve’s situation, I feel I wouldn't be able to handle the circumstances as well as he is. Being involved in a murder case alone would make me feel guilty whether the case went my way or not.

Life in prison for Steve seems to be a lot harder for him than the others surrounding him. I predict that by the end of the story Steve will be out of the prison, but there's no telling what'll happen. If I was in Steve's situation, I would avoid any further conflict while behind bars.

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