Shake It Up
by:sherell Durr

bussiness description

Have you ever heard of my business on neptune?My business is an ice sculpturing business.It is a place were you get to create your own ice sculpture.It is a really cool place to be and the whole place is made of eternal ice.Eternal ice is an ice that can never melt or break.The name of the place is ice sculpture biz it is short for ice sculpture business.I built it on Neptune because Neptune has alot of ice under the surface,so you can build ice sculptures.

My business is Shake It Up. its gonna be all about Shake It Up.Shake It Up is one of the best stores on venus because I sell hot lava rocks and they are colorful and they come in different kind of sizes and shapes.Then when people start buying them you shake them up for about ten minutes and they will get very hot and you can heat up food and liquid, Because you wouldn't want any dry or cold food and liquid that you really liked in your life.I chose this place because venus is made out of steaming hot rocks and i like rocks. To sum it up Shake It Up is a unique place that i had never seen in my life.

Pricing Page

blue $2.00
rainbow $3.00
purple $2.00
green $2.00
orange $2.00
small $1.00
large $3.00

circle $1.00
square $1.00
ovale $1.00
rectangle $1.00

The persuasive letter

I think you should come to my business Shake It Up because it is so colorful and uneiqe .Also I sell bueatiyful colors of rocks and shapes,sizes and it really dosen't coughst that much money.You can come visit venus and see the lava shot up in the sky and it will be amzing.Also i have hundreds of differeent kind of colors.You can pay less than it coughst.My business is the best that i ever heard of.The rocks are cool they light up and you put them in the dark and it glows.To sum it up Shake It Up is a uneiqe place to come visit.