William Barret Travis

Biography William Barret Travis Ms.Tally 12/18/13

William Barret Travis

William Barret Travis you may know him for the very hard faught battle of the Alamo but you may not know hes known for a lot more than that.

The Alamo


William Barret Travis was born on August 1, 1809 in Edgefield Creek near Saluda Country, South Carolina. He was raised in South Carolina and Alabama he was the eldest of eleven children. He studied law privately, so he could become a attorney at Claibor.

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He was second in command at the Alamo and he was very very committed to defending the Alamo at any cost. Also he showed true leadership qualities and showed true responsibility.

William Barret Travis in battle

Why He Was Famouse

William Barret Travis was mostly famous for his courage, leadership, and responsibility. Also he was famous for how he died because he died with leadership and courage. He died defending the Alamo.

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