Characterization: Beatty.
Captain of the Fire Department

Indirectly: Paradox.

Beatty is indirectly characterized as paradox in "Fahrenheit 451." One example of this is because he is the head of the fire department. So he knows the most about his job, and he is in charge of what goes on in the department, and he enjoys reading books and he knows a lot about them, but instead he wants to burn them. This is an indirect characterization because, a paradox is an opinion that conflicts with a common belief and i believe that Beatty would fall under this category.

Directly: Independent.

Beatty was directly characterized as independent because he shows that he is fire chief everywhere he goes. Even when he is off duty he acts as if it his job is still going on and he takes action when something is going wrong. This is an example of direct characterization because being independent means free from outside control; you don't depend on another's authority. Beatty falls under this category because he takes responsibility for his own actions.

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