Arts, A/V technology, and communications create special effects, animation, and/or other visual images using film, videos, and computers. The skills needed are the basic skills, problem solving skills, and social skills. The education needed is your Bachelors degree or your Associates degree. The average salary is $64, 470 per year.

At the FIT, also known as Fashion Institute of Technology, you can create many fashion designs that some people wear. The population there is very high and is around 10,100 people, this is also a public college that anyone can go to. The tuition is $13,955 just for going out of state. 85% of the school is women and only 15% of them are men. The degrees that you can get there are your Bachelors, Masters, or your Associates degree. One of the majors you can study there is Fashion Merchandising, there mascot is the FIT Tigers. And one of the sports you can do there is men's basketball.

I would like to live in NYC for my career and while I'm going to college.

I have learned many things about my college and my career that I want to attend and work as. For example I have learned that being an animator takes a lot of work, and that the college that I want to attend is very expensive and has a lot of student that already go to that school. I have also learned that as an animator I have several options of what career choice I can start.

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