Email Etiquette

By:Esmeralda Ramirez

  • Try using a subject and include your name in it
  • CUPS matter. Capitalization usage, punctuation, and spelling are your friends.
  • When writing to a teacher give background information and include your full name and class period.
  • Think twice about whether or not the content of your email is appropriate for virtual corresponce once you hit send anyone might be able to read it
  • Make sure you read your email aloud to yourself before you send it.
  • Do not send chain letters or any viruses
  • Use smiles or other graphical symbols only when necessary
  • AVOID URGENT OR IMPORTANT Only use this if it is a really, really urgent or important message.
  • Don’t reply to spam
  • Include a greeting everyone deserves dignity and respect, so give the reader some by typing dear [name] or hello [name]

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