Le Play

By Le Dylan Gegax
In Le Core 3

Narrator: It is a bright summer day in Russia, 1947.

Narrator: Young Miss Linda was just getting ready to clock off of her job as a tutor for Mr. Stilhaj’s kids.

*Linda Begins to open door to the house to leave*

Mr. Stilhaj: Linda can you come here for a minute. (Calls from office straight across from the living area.)

*Linda silently and steadily walks across toward the office*

Linda: Yes Sir

*Linda slowly opens door*

Mr. Stilhaj: Well come in, come in. You’re letting the breeze in.

Linda: Yes sir. Ummm, Sir what was it you needed?

Mr. Stilhaj: Oh ok straight into the topic I see. Well Linda you see it’s about your pay for these 3 months.

Linda: Yes sir.

Mr. Stilhaj: Well you know you were off for quite sometime after that family emergency of yours, and you should be very thankful I let you do that.

Linda: I am sir.

Mr. Stilhaj: So now I couldn’t possibly pay for a full three months if you wont here for these full three months, now could I?

Linda: No sir.

Mr. Stilhaj: And so how much did I agree to pay you for these three months?

Linda: 250 Rubles Sir.

Mr. Stilhaj: So I’m going to deduct 25 rubbles.

Linda: Ok sir (trying to hold in her anger)

Mr. Stilhaj: Now I’m going to also take away 50 for those two weeks of vacation time.

Linda: But ssssiiir… (Linda Stutters)

Mr. Stilhaj: Now dear you couldn’t possibly think I would pay you that vacation time did you. Now It not my fault you’ve been slacking off for so long. No wonder I found you in filth! You were nothing until I gave you this job!! Now I don’t want to hear any Arguing at all!

*Linda Surging with anger pushes Mr. Stilhaj, causing him to fall back and hit his head on nearby table*

Linda: Oh no.

*Linda Scurries over to him and quickly take his wallet. She takes 250 rubbles plus the 75 he was going to take away*

Linda: Ok I got to go.

*Linda rushes to the door and leaves the office to meet face to face with the Steward of the Stilhaj house named Ronald*

Ronald: What was that noise?

Linda: What noise? I didn’t hear anything.

Ronald: No, I could of sworn I heard a noise. Should we go check on Mr. Stilhaj?

Linda: No, I umm just talked to him. He’s fine. (Linda says nervously)

Ronald: Are you sure? I could go check real quick and be right out.

Linda: No, no, no need to disturb him. He is quite busy right now.

Ronald: All right what ever you say.

Linda: Well yes, bye and have a nice day.

Ronald: (laughs) All right Miss Linda you too. Bye.

*Ronald leaves room*

Linda: Thank goodness, I’ve got to get out of here before they find him.

*Linda leaves House*

Narrator: And that was the last time Mr. Stilhaj ever saw sweet Miss Linda and his 325 rubles again.

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