Alexander Franklin James

  • 1. Birth Name: Alexander Franklin James
  • 2. Cowboy/Cowgirl/Legend Name: Cowboy, Frank
  • 3.  Birth: January 10, 1843-February 18, 1915
  • 4. Death – how did he/she die: Heart failure
  • 5. Marriage – who was the spouse? Were there multiple spouses? Divorced? James was only married once to Annie Ralston James
  • 6.  Family – did your person have any children? Yes, Robert Franklin James
  • 7. James was a bad person, during his ears as a bandit James was involved in 4 robberies between 1868 & 1876 that resulted in the deaths of bank employees or citizens.
  • 8. Was your person known in a gang? If so which gang and who was apart of it? Yes, James-Younger Gang
  • 9. Did your person have any other jobs prior to having a reputation? James worked a variety of jobs including a shoe salesman and than as a burlesque theater ticket taker in st. Louis. , he also served as a AT&T telegraph operator in St. Joseph, Missouri etc.
  • 10.  A minimum of 5 interesting facts about your persons life (NOTHING that has already been written) 1) he was in the military , 2) served in the civil war for the confederate side 3) he had one brother 4) he was captured when Lexington, Missouri and was forced to swear allegiance to them. 5) he was involved in the massacre where 200 people were killed

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