Sports + Entertainment Final Project

#1 Movie Merchandise

I think making merchandise for this movie would be great. Kids every where love toys, especially toy cars, and on top of that they are cool sport cars. Making things like that would help promote the movie in a couple different ways. Making toy cars would help because all of the kids who buy them would want to see the movie. And if one kid is going to see the movie they would probably go and tell their friends about that movie and make them want to see it. They could make clothes with cars on them, or characters for the kids to wear.

In this movie I do not think it would be a good idea to make merchandise. There is not really a lot of things that people would buy if they were merchandise. The story is about a girl that has a disease and a boy falls in love with her. People are more than likely going to buy a princess doll over a doll that looks sad and sick. And this movie is more focusing on the adults instead of kids, so adults wouldn't want to buy toys or wear clothes with the movie name on them.

#2 Top 3 Marketing Strategies (T.V.)

In this I am going to talk about the top three marketing strategies for T.V. Marketing Strategy 1: I think the best strategy is to use Trailers. I say this because a lot of people watch the trailers of a new T.V. show. When people watch the trailers it gives them a little bit of the setting of the new show. That would leave people wondering about the show and make them want to see the show when it comes out.

Marketing Strategy 2: The second strategy would be social media. On social media websites people can like a movie page or follow the characters in the show to see updates. They could give "sneek peek" links on their pages. They could also give their thoughts on the show and give out interviews that they have done.

Marketing Strategy 3: On the third strategy i would say advertising in common stores would be a good one. A lot of people go shopping for every day things. if you make magazines with the new show on the front of it, or a new flavor candy with the show on it, and sell it at the store. People might not buy the certain items but thew will surely see them and be aware of the upcoming shows.

#3 Artifact

When we watched Artifact as a class I was not quite sure what it was about at first. I began too quickly realize what was going on. Thirty seconds to mars was being sued $30 million. I thought to myself well that is not that bad knowing they are a big well known band. Then I realized how the record labels really work.. They pretty much take all of the money that the bands earn. Leaving the bands thousands of dollars in dept. Thats exactly what happened to this band when they got sued by their record label. After watching the movie, I realized the music industry is harder than I would have expected. I think people sign with record labels because they do not really know much about them, they just think their gonna be making the big bucks when they sign to a big label. I think the only fair deal for both of the sides would be to give the record company 60-70% of the earnings and the rest of it to the band, but the song that they make is "their" song not the record labels. I say that because, the record label does a lot for the band, like giving them the proper advertising and giving them recording supplies and instruments they need. The band really only makes the songs and performs them. It would be up to the band to let anybody use their song in something that is publicly used. If I were in 30 seconds to mars' position I would try to figure a deal out with the record label because I honestly do not think I could resolve that issue they are going through.

#4 Most Important Factors In Amusement Parks

I think the most important factor for an amusement park is to have certain rides or stands that can only be found at that park. That way people would want to come to your park and ride those rides or get the certain items from stands. Another very important factor is to have price discounts. Make the pricing on the weekdays lower than the weekends. If you do that it could cause more people to come on the weekdays. Giving season passes could be a good thing to do because if someone buys a season pass for a good price they might spend more money at the food stands or park souvenirs. They would not have to worry as much as they would normally about saving money for food, because if they use their pass a good amount of times it will soon pay off and you will be getting in for free eventually. The last important factor that amusement parks could use is to have things other than rides. Some parks have things like water parks and movie shows. Those are great for parents that have little kids and want to just sit down and relax. These are the most important factors that I think would drastically help an amusement park.

#5 Godzilla Movie Trailer Review

I think Godzilla is going to be a good movie. They were good at never giving what really happens in the movie. In the trailer it never really gave a full shot of Godzilla, it only gave little glimpses until the very end. At the end of the trailer it shows his face for a very short amount of time, then it goes away. It never really gave a great picture of what was happening at that certain time. Right away i knew this movie was going to be an action movie because of the parts the trailer showed. The trailer was good at showing what the movie is going to be about and teasing the plot, and it also left me wanting to see more. The action shots in the movie made it seem like it was real. There was some scenes in it that were a little bit confusing at first, but as I watched more of it I figured out what they meant.

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