since the sport FIFA 14 selling players

According to Ea, since the sport FIFA 14 selling Cheap fifa 15 coins archive produced a complete of 1.9 million times, 338000 times, 459000 times, 3.66 million shots,will turn out 991000 goals.How high is visible hot degree.FIFA 14 additionally list out the foremost common club and player statistics, real Madrid and cristiano ronaldo was electoral.Is the hottest club in real Madrid, Barcelona, Manchester united, Arsenal and bayern metropolis.

Two of the foremost goals came from real Madrid, the primary is cristiano ronaldo, benzema, followed.The FIFA 14 currently log in mobile devices, In "FIFA 14", the player can face a replacement on-line model, cooperative league season.All on-line players will group with another friend, try of v2 on-line confrontation with the opposite pair of players.Qualifying record ratings game can consistent with the player, the player are from low to high, the thanks to the highest league, won the respect and therefore the achievements.

In addition, the "day" perform extension for the season and therefore the cooperation mode, the player's contact sport of contact sport and reality, real player are mirrored in period cooperative league game of the season.Gareth bale if the condition is sweet, as an example, the modification in his "break" the information are mirrored within the Cheap Fifa Coins within the on-line mode.

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