Racial Profiling


why is this legal? Is it necessary to judje people by there belief, race, or nations history?

About 20% of the population in America are African American's and 77% of the population are American and 3/4 of the Africans are racially profiled and 1/8 of the American's are racially profiled.

Rejecting the fact

police use racial profiling as an exercise to target suspects of crime.The police usualy find targets by there skin color, belief, and nations history.If you say this isn't a problem you must put yourself in there own perspective.There are people getting shot for living there normal live's.

Police are not crime fighters, but crime causers...

Between 2013-2015 police have been abusing racial profiling and judging blacks more than often and there are gunshots in the air and there are scream's on the streets.There are riots outside the streets of new york, washington, and other major city's just becouse someone was shot or hurt due to police using racial profiling against other's they dislike.


When police say "our actions are justified" 50% of the time its not.2014-2015 police acts are rarely justified and are harm full .Protesters begin riots and when they know something isn't right, they fight for what they believe.Police do have the right tho use heavy force, but they sometimes abuse the power of heavy force.Some of our problems is that we have right now is that we currently are judge'd by police and put down.



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