My Dream House
by Nathan R. EGS

 Today I'm going to tell you about my dream home. Let's get started. My four bedrooms my three bathrooms and etcetera.


   My kitchen is going to be huge. For the floor the tiles area going to be wind rift beige tiles. I am going to have an island in the center of the kitchen. I am going to have there stools for the island. They are going to be black with brownies leather. The counter topsoil in my kitchen are going to be bahiagranitecounter tops. The room willing because shape like a right ange witha short wall and the counter will go around it and it will be look like a a square that is missing a side to the square. The I am going to have cabinets all above my counter and they a going to have the maple express finish. And under my counter tops there is going to be cabinets and drawers and they will also have the maple express finish. i am going to have on window and sliding glass doors. Then out those sliding doors is my huge deck and it is going to have my grilling stuff on it and it is going to have kind of a redish and brown color to it and it is going to have a fold outside shade that go's into the wall who it folds up and the the hole that it goest in to has to have a flap that flips ove it so the bugs can not get to it and it is going to be colored brown

 The master bedroom is going to be painted lime green and is going to have beige carpet in it an it is going to be like the carpet in my room right now. Then insider the master bathroom there will be a big bath tub with jets and I will have the newest dison shower heads that is like a rain shower head. It's will also have a built in tv that is in the shower. And there's is a big walk in closet so when I put my coveralls away for the summer I will have enough room in my closet still. In their bathroom there will become two sinks and tons of cabinets. I mad going to have three windows in this part of the house.

In my dinning room i am going to have a maple express wood finish on my table with six chairs. And I am going to have the same tile ask my kitchen. i am going to have two windows in this part of the house.

In my living room and the hall way down to my bedroom and the entrence way their pfloors is going to bed carpeted with beige carpet. They stairs to the basement are going to be in the living room. And I amgoing to have a fire place up against the wall. And I am going to have five windows in all Theese areas.

The down stairs is going to be a big pool and hot tub and the pools is going to have a diving board and it is going to have its own bathroom. There is a couple beach chairs down there to.

In the entrence way there is the stairs to go up stairs. And it's is going to have three bedrooms and two bathrooms. The bathrooms and a going to have a tub shower. And two sinks. And a going to be carpet. The bedrooms are going to be beige and one room will have a kingdom bed and the other will have a queen. And there will be a tird floor with a movie theater. Andi it will have 16 seats in it. 4 rows of 4. It will have a 6 foot by 4 foot screen.

They garages isn't going to have three doors andi is going to have a door to the laundry room and it is 60 feet by 30 feet.the laundry room is going to have washer and a dryer and 2 drying racks. The Landry room exits to th enterence.


One of the main buildings is a turf practice football field and it is going to be a exact replica of the Kansas state footballfield that is inside the gigantic shed at k-state and then I am going to have a k-state practice court inside the shed that is connected to the shed that has the football field.

 Another building is going to be for my 9230 and 9240 case ih combines and the 1050 kinze grain cart and the 620 quadtrack and the 45 foot headers. And it is heated and is cooled so the tracks on everything are not cold or hot.  One of the last sheds is going to be a work shop so I can go and build anytime I want and anything I want and it is also going to hold the astro turf survicing machines.


     I am going to have a bunch of little trees and they are going to be in a tower mademoiselle of bricks and the tower that the little trees are in areas going to be af out high.  There is going to be two of theand they are going to be right out side of the circle drive and all the grassroots isn't going to be solid green astro turf.  The back yard is goingt to be dug so when they lay down their turfs it is going to go down like a hill.  My super long drive way is going to be grave. I will have under ground electricity sorce so that I don't have electric pole so I can get through my drive way with out having to drive on the astro turf and so it will not destroy the astro turf.

      This is how my dream Houseby is going to be and the landscaping and the sheds are going to be perfecto.  In conclusion this is how my dream house is going to be. P.S. I will never get my full dream house or that means I would have to be able millionaire and hi would have to spen do all of it to get this and then I would be broke.

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