Why did the U.S. become persuaded to enter WW1?

The sinking of innocent U.S. ships

The reason the U.S. joined WW1 is that Germany was sinking their neutral ships and other neutral merchant ships. Also Germany was contacting are neighbor Mexico. A message was intercepted by our British allies that really got us mad. The message said that is Mexico attacked or evaded us they would get some land or some territory from the Germans themselves. After this congress had a vote and we went to war joining the allies.

What was the truce between British and German soldiers on Christmas?

The Christmas truce is a unofficial cease fire stating at the week before Christmas in 1914. The soldiers used the truce to chat with each other and some say play a game of football.  This  never  before at this scale truce started by German and allied soldiers stepping out of their trenches shaking hands and agreeing to let the dead be buried. First German soldiers began to sing Christmas carols and put up Christmas trees and light lanters above trenches. Altogether this is the most remarkable Christmas story in over 2,000 years.

By: Caroline Brown and Mackenzie Wentworth

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