Letter of Recommendation #trevizoeyo5

I would gratefully like to recommend, Joshua Messer to attend the University of Organ, and be apart of your Track and Field program. Joshua is a very hard working student, he doesn't disappoint when it comes to his education. Not only is he an amazing student, but an amazing athlete on the field. Joshua was on the Varsity track team at Eldorado high school  starting sophomore year. He's interest and passion for the sport began in his 7th grade year at Sun-ridge Middle School. He began to be scouted in middle school , by former High Schools. Even then he was an out standing runner. We recognize the fact that your University hold an amazing track ad field program and hold the best athletes in your hands. I think josh would be amazing for your program, and would represent your university well. Please take it into consideration and watch Joshua's District meet video we have provided for you, and I am sure you will be Farley impressed. Thank you for your time and consideration.


                                                                      ANDREA GONZALEZ