Personification is a way of writing that makes a non-human thing either perform or acquire human traits.  

#1 - For example, in the picture "Beer Buddies" above, the plant looks like two people holding hands.  Could you write a sentence about this vine that talked about this and use personification?  Perhaps:

Ex 1: The one vine held hands with the other, not wanting to grow apart.

See?  I made the two vines hold hands, but I also made them seem like they want to stay together.  Humans can have an emotion where they want to stay with someone.  But vines can't.

#2 - In the photo "Tree has arms," we know that trees can't literally have arms.  But what if they did?  Could you write a sentence about that?  What about something like:

Ex 2: The pine faced me with open arms knowing that I was lonely that day.

Here I've made the tree not only seem like it's seeking a hug, but also seem like it wants to comfort me.

Try this out on the pics below.  Read the directions before you leave a comment.

Time for you to practice this!  Scroll through the images above and find 3 images that speak to you.  What could you say that these objects or animals are doing that would be like a human?  Contribute in the stream below.

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