Percents and Equations

By Ana Wilkowski

Whats This??

Percents and equations is where you use equations to find a whole, part, or a percent

Finding a Part

What is 20% of 25?

How do you find this? Well I'll tell you
First, you divide 100 by the percent
Now that you know what that is, you multiply the whole by the number you just found.
n= 25×0.2

Finding a Percent

What percent is 25 is 5?

Well, How do you find THIS?
First, you divide 5 by 25  


Then you multiply 100 by 0.2


So your percent is 20.

Finding a whole

20% of what is 5?

20/5= 0.2

0.2*n= 5


25% of 20 is 5

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