What I do for fun:

I prefer playing ball games, including baseball and catch. I don't have much money, so I can't gamble or play cards... life is dull. All our balls are broken, and now there is no recreation.

Favorite food: A good Asian meal


Hot Maggot Paste: Red pepper, Maggots, Beetle juice, 1 bullet's worth of gunpowder, smash ingredients together.

Fried lice: Pour Beetle juice and pig lard in pan, then add weevil oil. Add Lice, fry until light brown. Serve with Hot Maggot Paste.

Crispy Hardtack Pita: Grind up hardtack, bugs and all, then add water. Fold into thin circles with about a 3 inch radius, then coat with ditch water. Roll in dried beetle shells, then fry in lard.

Furry Curry: Add mice or any other dead rodent. Pour lots of ditch water into a pan and add the diced mice. Put in Desiccated vegetable cakes and heaps of Hot Maggot Paste. Serve on Fried Lice.

Desserticated Vegetables: Add Desiccated vegetables, Hot Maggot Paste, and water. Smash together. Whip into a light, fluffy topping. Take more Desiccated vegetables, and grind with hardtack and fry in Beetle juice and coat with crispy shells. Add whipped mixture created before.

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