China & Asia problems.

There is 1.7 billion people in China. The people that live there can only have one child unless they have a girl first. If they do have a second child they will get fired, there salary will be cut 50%, or there baby could be killed.China has rules\laws to have no more than one baby.Asia has so many people so they have the same laws.

If you live there than you could not have more than  one baby and you would have to suffer the pain of breathing smog .

The picture below has the pollution is very bad because  they all have coal fire places. And so many factors that them and Asia. Asia as so much water pollution that they have no clean water. And when it rains there  the clean water fore there river to fill back up.The picture below has just some the places that have pollution.The people that live there have died because of the smoke and fog mixed together.Every day people die because of smog infecting  the lungs with gas.

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