Mobile Apps in the Classroom

What Apps are out there?

Google Drive

What is it?: Google drive is a mobile app that allows you to access your Google docs on a mobile device.

How can it be used?: Google drive can allow students to go out and use their phones to take something like pictures. When they have finished taking pictures students can upload to Google docs to collaborate with other students.


What is it?: Notability is a mobile app that allows students to type, write or use audio recording for notes in class.

How can it be used?: As well as being able to take notes in class, students can use the internet and download relevant pictures to put in to their notes. The app also allows for multiple ways of taking notes and can help to make it easier for students who have different forms of learning disabilities.

Side note: Notability can be set to automatically save to google drive where you can then access notes you have taken in class elsewhere.

Free Graphing Calculator

What is it?: This is a mobile app that allows students to use not just a calculator but to also to use it for graphs. This is a free app and is a cheaper alternative to a graphing calculator.

How can it be used?: With many more classrooms integrating technology it can be used in math classes as an alternative to having parents pay $100+ for a graphing calculator, while still allowing the students to learn the fundamentals of how to use them.


What is it?: VoiceThread is a mobile app and website that allows students to upload videos, drawings or other images and record audio over it.

How can it be used?: As an assignments students can be asked to upload a picture of something meaningful to them and describe why. Other students or the teacher can then listen to it and give feedback to the uploading student.

Journal Jar

What is it?: It is a mobile app that when the device is shaken gives a prompt.

How can it be used?: In class students can be told to write for an amount of time based on a prompt given by their device. This can allow for students to explore their creativity with unknown topics.

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