Persuasive Essay

Surely you would agree that this world needs better people. We all know that this world is not a perfect place, but to come down and think about it... Who makes up most of this world? I believe that this world needs better people for the fact of the matter that humanity is capable of being at peace with one another and that criminals can be a more appreciative and behave by learning from good people. 

Of course who would disagree that humanity can't come to a solution to their problems and be more peaceful. It only takes one soul to encourage themselves to help change the world by creating more restful and happy vibes. From there, others decide to carry on the trend and pretty soon you got yourself the world full of peace. For one thing, performing more good deeds is a great way to share your empathy that you have care for others. Something simple too, I mean opening the door for a single mom with her hands full of chaotic kids or a man/woman in a wheel chair is GREAT ! It gives them a smile and a little bit of love from a stranger. For the most part it starts with YOU. You make the first move to start a trend of peace in the world. YOU be that better person we all need in our lives. 

Needless to say, when we think of having better people in this world, some of us think right off the bat to just eliminate criminals, prisoners, you name them. If only eliminating was easy as pressing the trigger, why get rid of them? Why not just turn them around and make someone good out of them? If you're walking down the street and a man/woman had a sign on them that said "I'm a criminal" what do you think? What do you say about them? How do you even know how much of a criminal they are? Like is he/she stealing lollipops or humans? YOU JUST DONT KNOW BUT YOU JUDGE AND MISTREAT THEM BECAUSE OF THEIR PAST!!! It's not fair to them and that's why they get more hurt and keep doing what they're doing. My point is, treat everyone with respect as if you had no idea about who they were back then. By doing this, it brings up a better person in you and you pass on that bright energy.

It would be easier to have a stable world if humanity was more peaceful and criminals were treated with respect and not judged, basically my reason being as to why we need better people in this world. The more we convince ourselves to be a better person, most likely we can make a change. Also, if we treat our "bad" people as if they never did no crime, we'd be at peace with one another. A great suggestion would be for society to take action and be courteous to everyone around them to be passed on through love and good deeds.

Letter of Recommendation

For whom it may concern,

It is an honor to recommend Emily Quinones for a position at your office as a lawyer. I have known her for about 5 years now and through them all she's been such a great friend of mine and may I say, my personal lawyer. I've gone through some troubles in my life and she's been there to support and help me conquer my rights in my trials. Her skills are the kind you need. Emily has outstanding reading and verbal communication skills, she is very up front. She is dedicating to her work and will push herself until she wins.

Yours trly,

Ivoree Hernandez

Cover Letter/ Letter of Intent

                                                                    Hernandez Ivoree Maribel 

                                                                    8327 Purple Diamond

                                                                    El Paso, TX 79938

May 26, 2015

Pebble Hills

14400 Pebble Hills

El Paso, TX 79938 

                              Dear Melissa Gomez, 

Today I am writing to you to hopefully acquire a job position at Lotaburger. With no bragging, I am a very cheerful and have great social skills. I am not shy whatsoever, so this will bring smiles to any costumer walking in and most likely will bring them back for business.  

I plan to bring great customer service and happily place orders for our El Pasoans'. I have had compact experience with cashiers, yet a great deal of exposure to money while helping with yard sales and family business. I gradually be pleased to bring great work ethic to Lotaburger and treat costumers with yummy burgers and a smile on their face.

If you have further regards or questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.


Ivoree Hernandez


Ivoree Hernandez

(915) 555-2014 

8327 Purple Diamond


I plan to obtain a profession as a cashier at Lataburger.


2011-2014 Hernando Middle School

2014-2018 Pebble Hills High School 

  • Overall Student
  • Perfect attendance
  • Literature Writing Awards
  • Top 10%  


  • Family business 
  • I was in charge of yard sales
  • Speech class


  • Talk well (*as in speech)
  • Good communication with anybody
  • Friendly 
  • I am trustworthy 
  • I am dependable  

Job Application


(MAY 27,2015)