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How should the U.S. deal with rogue nations like North Korea, Iran, and Cuba?

General MacArthur: He was the US Army Chief of Staff in the 1930’s and was a five star general. He graduated top of his class at West Point and also served as its superintendent from 1919-1922. He served as Supreme Commander of the Southwest Pacific Area and Commander-in-Chief of the United Nations Command during the Korean War. I have chosen him because of his extensive military and strategically experience as well as his extensive experience in several wars and conflicts in history.

The president would want him there because he worked closely with Harry Truman and served as the Commander of the armed forces during WW2 so he would have extensive experience with dealing with rogue nations. His view on the topic would be to militarily invade the countries to restore order. As several of these countries are communist or have oppressive governments he would also want to establish a democratic government in their places.

Jimmy Carter: Jimmy Carter was the 39th president of the United States from 1977-1981. He attended the US Naval Academy and graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree. Carter served in the US Navy and during his presidency he had a humanitarian approach to many issues and fought for peace and human rights. I have chosen him because he was against atomic weapons and he has dealt with North Korea and Iran before.

The president would want him there because he believes in peaceful diplomacy and achieving human rights for all. He has experience in foreign diplomacy and dealt with rogue nations during his presidency. His view would be to compromise with these nations through diplomacy and to achieve basic human rights for the people and limit nuclear weapons in these countries. He would not want to use military force as a way of achieving peace.

TR Theodore Roosevelt was the 26th President of the United States serving from 1901 to 1909. He graduated from Harvard University and Columbia Law School. He was a politician, author, historian, explorer and conservationist. During his presidency Roosevelt was an ardent imperialist and utilized his Big Stick ideology, meaning he would negotiate peacefully while threatening with his “big stick” when dealing with foreign affairs.

The president would want him there because of his “Big Stick Diplomacy”. Theodore Roosevelt wouldn’t have taken any nonsense from rogue nations such as Iran, North Korea, and Cuba. He would recommend that the president would just try to negotiate with them, while threatening them with force.

John Kerry: John Kerry is the 68th Secretary of State. He graduated from Yale University majoring in Political Science, and Boston College. His experience as the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, and his current position makes him very knowledgeable with regard to Foreign Affairs and dealing with rogue nations such as Syria and Iran. In fact, Kerry was actually the first US Secretary of State to meet with his Iranian counterpart since the Iranian Hostage Crisis in 1979.

The president would want him there because of his strong foreign affairs background, and also because he currently serves as the president’s key advisor for Foreign Affairs and Diplomacy. His experience, and his ability to meet with his Iranian counterpart shows that he can be very knowledgeable on dealing with rogue nations.

William Taft

Born September 15th, 1857

Died March 8th 1930

27th president of the United States

10th Chief Supreme Court justice

Yale University Graduate

Being a fellow President of the United States, Taft would have knowledge and understanding of what Obama is currently experiencing. Taft dealt with rough nations such as the Philippians and actively promoted the nation's role in the economic development of Latin America, specifically through the Honduras and Nicaragua conventions. The concept, referred to as Dollar Diplomacy, which Taft created, called for the State Department to coordinate loans to the countries for infrastructure improvement from the largest banks in the U.S. Strategically, this was designed to strengthen security for the Panama Canal, increase American trade, and diminish the presence of European nations in the area. Obama would find Taft helpful because not only does Dollar Diplomacy help control rough nations and keep Latin America in check, it also provides America with a much needed economic boost.

George H.W. Bush

Born June 12th 1924

41st President of United States

Yale University Graduate

Another Fellow President, Bush would be able to assist Obama by giving him a more modern outlook on how to deal with rough nations. Being a Republican Party member, Bush could give Obama a different, contrasting opinion from the one a member of the Democratic Party would give. When Suddam Hussein invaded Kuwait, Bush initiated the Gulf War sending military support to combat the Iraqi forces. Iraq made attempts to negotiate a deal that would allow the country to take control of half of Kuwait. Bush rejected this proposal and insisted on a complete withdrawal of Iraqi forces. The planning of a ground operation by US-led coalition forces began forming in September 1990, headed by General Norman Schwarzkopf. Bush’s no non senses approach was successful in dealing with the issues in Iraq and would help Obama make a better decision on dealing with rough nations.   

Woodrow Wilson

Born- December 28, 1856

Died- February 3, 1924

28th President of United States

President of Princeton University

Governor of NJ

John Hopkins University Graduate

As the president during WW1 Wilson knows how to handle pressure. Wilson was a strong supporter of neutrality and peace. Although he held an antiwar policy, Wilson was a realist and understood when war was necessary. Wilson would give Obama a more neutral and domestic first policy which would definitely differ from the opinions of others of others at the dinner party.    

Dennis Rodman: Dennis went to play for Cooke County Community College located in Gainsville, Texas. In his single semester there, he averaged 17.6 points and 13.3 rebounds, before flunking out due to poor academic performance.After being drafted into the National Basketball League he played many years for the San Antonio Spurs, Dallas Mavericks, Detroit Pistons and Chicago Bulls. He is now a very good friend with North Korean dictator Kim Joung-un and has been there to visit multiple times. He refers to Kim as a "friend for life" and goes on vacation to the country. President Obama would enjoy having him over because the both of them are basketball fans. Rodman's advice to Obama dealing with North Korea is too just call Kim and also believes in "Hoops Diplomacy".

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