Country Profile- Japan

By: Lauren Knopp
Hour 3

Capital- Tokyo

Population-126.7 million

Type of Government- Constitutional Monarchy

Leader's Name: Prime Minister- Shinzō Abe, Emperor - Akitio

Type of Economy- Capitalist

Type of Currency- Jappenese Yen, compared to U.S.- $0.0092

Literacy Rate- 99%

Life Expactancy- Male=82 Female=87

Official Language- There is no official language of Japan although most people speak Japenesse. English is becoming more popular but is still not as popular as Japenesse.

Tourist Attractions

Mount Fuji-

Mount Fuji is the tallest mountain in Japan. It stands at a monstrous 12,338 feet or 3,376 meters. Tourists can climb the mountain. It typically takes the average person three to eight hours to climb up and two to five hours to climb down it.

Tokyo Imperialist Palace-

The Imperialist Palace is located in Tokyo, Japan the countries capital. This is where the Emperor Akitio lives. Visitors are allowed to look around the outside and the palaces surroundings, but cannot go inside the palace. The palace is only open to the public about 2 days a year. These days are December 23rd which is the emperor's birthday and January 2nd which is the celebration of the new year called New Year's Greeting Day.

Himeji Castle-

The Himeji Castle is the largest castle in Japan. The castle is 6 floors tall and then includes a basement. Tourists can tour the castle for about 600 yen. The castle is currently under construction to restore its natural beauty but is still open to the public. Renovations to the castle are not supposed to be finished until April of 2015.

Historical Events

Russo- Japenesse War-

The Russo- Japenesse War was a war between the Soviet Union and Japan over territory. The war lasted from February 8,1904- September 5,1905 between that one year over 100,000 people were killed between the two countries.

1964 Summer Olympics-

In 1964 Tokyo, Japan hosted the summer Olympics. This was the first time the games were held in Japan and Asia.

Japan Passes West Germany-

In 1968 Japan's economy surpassed West Germany's economy to become the second largest economy in the world. This was a big deal because they had been struggling in recent years.

Current Event

On September 28, 2014, 31 people were put into cardiac arrest after being hit with an enormous amount of substance after Mount Ontake erupted.

Do I feel Japan's economy is successful?

Yes, I believe Japan's economy is successful.

What is one company in Japan?

Canon or in Japenese キヤノン株式会社

What does Canon do?

Canon is electronics company that specializes in cameras and camera accessories.

How do you think Japam can approve their economy?

Japan's economy has been suffering from a low birth rate for decades. This is because people are waiting longer to get married and have children. I believe in order to improve their economy they should encourage people to marry earlier and have children.

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