"Pain is temporary"

Jay Wright

by Jay Wright

Pain is temporary

My credo is pain is temporary. I learned this from a video on youtube, he was a motivational speaker. He has become famous it the 14 minute long speech he gave to football players.
That speech was mainly important to me because he was talking about sports. I learned it from a video on youtube, it means that pain want last forever. It is important to me to beliefs in what he said because that is also what started this country and know people can’t stand pain, that is what America is more than likely going to collapse and be took over by a stronger country.
The quote is important to me because it is something that some at any age can use. My credo want change when I get older because he can be used in life at all ages. I can see it changing me because when i’m at baseball or football and i get tired I used to not keep trying hard but now I do because of the quote. I’t will make me better at what I try at because he will make work harder.
As I get older I don’t think that it will change because you can use it at any age. It as changed me I think in sports because it makes me work harder. I think that it will give me a better future in sports because I am working harder.
It is significant to me because the quote is mainly about sports. I would the other one’s who play sports because it can be used by al most anybody. It would be beneficial for others to listen to this quote because it could make them better at what they are trying to do.

I believe

I believe God,

the Bible,
the Church,
the Christian community,
the Christians,

But (something you don’t believe in, e.g. “but the novels of Susan Sontag are self-indulgent, overrated”) I don't believe in the “no God” theory.
I believe in America,
I believe in the church,
I believe in believers,
And I believe in the people who believe God.

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