By: Camron  Buchanan

               My type of cancer is Skin Cancer. There are four types of skin cancer Melanoma, basal cell carcinoma of the skin, squamous cell cancer of the skin, and neuroendocrine carcinoma of the skin. The stages of skin cancer is Non- Melanoma skin cancer which is when the basal cell carcinomas rarely spread and  and may not be spread. And the next stage is Melanoma: Melanomas are more aggressive and more likely to spread. This cancer is usually staged by the AJCC TNM system or the Clark levels.   The survival rates of skin cancer is by a five year relative survival percentages by stage of disease are:

Localized Disease: 98.1%

Regional Disease: 61.6%

Metastatic Disease: 15.3%

                        Metastasize means the is the spread of cancer or disease from the one organ to another not directly connected to.


                        Some symptoms of skin cancer is fast breathing, fever and many more. Some causes of skin cancer is sun burns and sometimes it even runs in the family.

                                                   Possible Causes

                        Some possible causes of skin cancer is when errors occur in the DNA of skin cells. And sometimes you stay out in the sun too long and get sunburn. Lots of skin cancer is caused by overexposure to the sun. Also you can get skin cancer by using tanning beds and exposure to unusually high levels of X-rays.


                    Some treatment options depend on the following: the stage of cancer, type of cancer, ( in this case skin cancer), the size of the tumor, what part of the body it affects, and the patients general health. In other words that means that they will remove the cancer or put some kind of medicine on it. And sometimes they use a light that goes through your skin like radio waves that kills the cancer cells. The next treatment is chemo therapy will shrink or cause the cancer to stop growing.

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This woman is happy as she is getting ready for her skin cancer treatment.