My Name Is Thomas Jefferson And I Am Responsible For The Louisiana Purchase! I Was Born On April 13, 1743. At The Age Of Nine, I Began My Formal Studies. In 1760, I Enrolled At The College Of William & Mary, I Toke Classes in Science, Mathematics, Rhetoric, Philosophy, and Literature.

On January 1, 1772 to Martha Wayles (1748-1782). We Had Children Named Martha (1772-1836) , Jane Randolph (1774-1775), Infant Son (1777), Mary (1778-1804), Lucy Elizabeth (1780-1781), Lucy Elizabeth. My Wife Only Lived Four Months After Our Last Child Was Born. Only Two Of Our Daughters Would Live To Adulthood.

I Am Apart Of The Democratic Republican. I Spent My Childhood Roaming Woods And Studying My Books On A Remote Plantation In The Virginia Piedmont. I Am A Shy Person, But My Pen Proved To Be A Mighty Weapon. Before I Was The Nations Third President I Served As A Delegate To The Virginia House Of Delegates.In 1777 I Wrote The Virginia State For Religious Freedom, Which Established Freedom Of Religion And The Seperation Of Church And State.

Thomas Jefferson
By: Tykia Outlaw

Thomas Jefferson Signing The declaration of independence
Thomas Jefferson

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Thomas Jefferson and the Declaration of Independence

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