The peaceful land

Brief History: For a long time this area has been founded by the holy one. He has found this land in the year 300 B.C. and it is still standing for other people who are good and tries to find it. The people who look for it in their trust to find it. A lot of people has tried to find it but some people can and can't find it. The people that can find it knows where it is so good luck finding it.
Religion: Anyone who doesn't tries to crucify him and believe in him is christian. Everyone in this town is Christian, Catholic ,Buddhist, Hindi, Jewish, Islam, and Judaism. Anyone who believes in God can enter his city and whoever doesn't don't enter. If you can believe than you can enter.
Education: For education people at the age of 3-29 has to go to school. There are separate campuses the elementary and middle school are in one campus, and high school and college/university is in the other. The people who are in school will learn more about the son of god, will have a field trip, and will have a lot of fun in school. For elementary and middle school will have band, orchestra, and choir, for high school will also have band orchestra, and choir, for college/university will have band and orchestra for an extra curricular classes and it will be free. For elementary through college/university will have math science, reading, and social studies after the extra curricular classes.
Security and protection: There will be a lot of security and protection. There will be security guards for the city, and for protection outside of the city there will be security for the one who is being attacked. There is no one who is going to attack the great wall because there will be a lot of armies that will cover the circumference of the wall. If anyone who has not have a religion will be sent back if he/she will not accept god. Try to accept god in your life by preying to him.

Shelter: The shelter is made out of gold and silver. You can take out the gold to buy and you can patch up the hole with silver except the sealing. Do not take the gold from other people because that is stealing and we do not steal in the kingdom of the holy one. The inside of the house is silver and the outside is gold. Just grab the gold from your house and go and if you need to replace the missing gold just look at the road just take it put it on your hole wall and the road will patch itself.

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