Mae Jimeson

by: jadah battle

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Mae Jimeson was born on October 17 1956 in Decature, Alabama. On june 4,1987 she became the first african american to be admitted into the astronaut training program. On september 12, 1992, Jimeson finally flew into space with six other astronauts aboard the Endeavour on mission STS47, Becoming the first african american women in space. In recognition of her accomplishments, Jimesons has received several awards and doctorates. Mae Jimeson has made many people proud for her being the first african american women to go into space. Mae retired from being and began being a teacher at Dartmouth, she also started the Jimeson group. Mae died at the age of 56 she has inspired many people to follow there dreams people will never forget how she went into space and started her own group.

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