Types Of The Most Used Surgical Instruments

Surgeons use different surgical instruments for cutting, dissecting, suturing, holding, and performing a wide variety of other functions. These instruments are made from stainless steel or any other metal that is easy to maintain and clean on a regular basis. Surgeons use specific tools or equipments for performing different procedures. Here below are some basic instrument types, which you can commonly find in the hands of these lifesavers.


The ubiquitous scissors can be found in any operating room and have an important role to play in various surgical procedures. There, however are various types and used in different applications. Some come with pointed and sharp ends while others contain blunt, curved, or straight blades. Suture scissors cut bandages while Mayo scissors can cut smoothly through heavy muscles and biological tissues as fascia. Another highly refined variety of scissors used by surgeons is the Metzenbaum scissors and these are able to cut soft skin efficiently.


Another highly popularoperating room instruments is of course the scalpels. Their function is to make incision in the tissue and skin of the patient. These small, extremely sharp instruments contain two distinct parts the handle and the blade. It is possible to replace the blades if damaged or broken. Even the handles are reusable overtime.

Surgeons may choose from a wide variety of available scalpel types including double-edged lancet blade. Nowadays however, rapid advancements in medical technology have led to the development of a fantastic replacement for the traditional scalpels. Lasers can do the job of scalpels much more efficiently, safely, and with complete precision.


Forceps are other common instruments in the hands of surgeons everywhere. Their structure is similar to that of scissors but these do not contain cutting edges. The function of forceps is to hold delicate tissues and organs or grasp them in such a way that no slipping occurs in the course of a particular procedure. Many different brands offer quality surgical products including Storz instruments.

Surgeons use forceps for securely grasping those tissues or organs that become difficult to hold owing to their location or size. Various kinds of forceps are available for successfully doing specific functions. For example, a spoon shaped forceps end is ideal for assisting during delivery of babies. Similarly, those with serrated broad or smooth ends help the surgeons could tissues during surgery.


Retractors can separate or spread different areas of tissues or body during the surgical procedure. Their main function is to help keep incision is open during surgery and keeping clear fields when operating a diseased area. Quality retractors have locking mechanisms to keep them in place, which makes accidental closing of incision area impossible.

Needle holders

Needle holders are surgery instruments that assist a surgical professional when sewing body cavities. These tight areas require clamping on needle ends to ease the movement of the needle in and out of the body cavity. These Needle holders come with locking mechanisms for keeping the instruments in place during use. Sometimes, these also come attached with the cutting blade.

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