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Change Academy London Meet-Ups. February 2014

Let's make this year, the year it all happens.

This is a test page to show just how easy it is to make a one page webpage that you could send to friends to advertise your new service offering or service before getting bogged down with creating a website.

It takes minutes to put together. You can customise it all you like and most importunity - GET STARTED!

Get real people to BETA test your ideas, run them live with a few willing guinea pigs (for free if that makes you more comfortable), ask them questions about what they're struggling with & what they'd love to happen as a result of working with you… and hey presto! -you're already doing it instead of thinking about it!.

You could even add a link to your online survey that you ask people to fill out before working with you.

Here's a example of one I just made for you:

If you're in the UK and you're dreaming of working for yourself, doing something you'd love but you're not too sure what that thing actually is yet… then come along to a meet-up!

They're fun, informal workshops designed to help you figure out what would be a great fit for you so you can move forwards and make this year, the year you take the leap.

Want to know more about me? Come snoop at:

Catch you soon! Amy x

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