It was morning already as the sun broke through the curtains of my bedroom window signaling another hard day at the shoe factory.  As I heard my mothers call from downstairs I forced myself out of the sheets that seemed to keep me trapped hours after I was supposed to wake up.

"John! Come downstairs!"

I walked down the stairs to the kitchen anticipating what the smell was filling the house.

"Whats for breakfast?" I ask.

" Sausage and eggs." She replies almost sarcastically.


"In the fridge if you want to heat it up, you could eat it on the way to the factory with William if you want."

I nod as I hear a creak in the stairs and I know it must be William waking from his morning hibernation. He is always extra grumpy in the mornings but some sausages always seem to cheer him up. After I have cleared my plate I rush up to my room to get dressed. Once I got dressed I rushed down the stairs with William at my heels Both of us eager not to be late for work. It was 7 am when we walked through the big doors of GROVER SHOE FACTORY written in huge letters above our heads as we walked into the factory that had been busy at work hours before William and I showed up. I took my regular post at the lases section while William took his as the machine operator. We couldn't have been working for more than 50 minuets when I smelled smoke. First I thought that It was just the normal smell of the factory but then I noticed that it intensified. I still thought nothing major of it and that it was just a machine that needed to be oiled. Then I saw some workers from upstairs running from something , running for their lives. I abandoned my post and started to scream for William as the room became hotter and hotter with the upstairs completely engulfed in flames. I saw him as we ran together into each others arms. It must have been about ten seconds before I noticed that Liam was still upstairs. ( One of William's best friends.)


"No John I'll go."

"Please let me come with you! I'd rather die trying to help Liam than die with me thinking I could have helped."


Then he ran off into the flames as his handkerchief fell on the ground. I picked it up hastily and ran. As fast and as hard as I could. I looked over my shoulder and I heard the boom of the building collapsing as it was more than ever heavily engulfed in flames.

I ran home to my mother and told her everything that had happened. And as the evening crept on I waited and waited for news. I only got 3 hours of sleep that night. In the morning I woke up to the morning paper on the doorstep it read FIFTY DEAD in huge letters on the front. Then I knew that, My brother William Robert Brown was dead. I never really got past that point in my life. But I always remembered him. And his handkerchief.

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