Super Size Me.

The way that the American society has represented in the documentary is that most Americans are obese. They are born and raised in a society where it is normal for them to eat fast food. They are surrounded by tasty temptation that cost very little, which is the major reason why Amercians are overweight. Also healthy foods are more expensive, because when it comes to money you would rather spend on something that is fast and cheap on short term than actually caring about the long term which is your health. Since it is quick and easy to eat. Morgan Spurlock did a 30 day fast food trail, attempting to consume food from McDonald's menu. He would consume it three times per day in order to accomplish this experiment. Originally Morgan has 11% body fat and within 30 day trail he has gain 18% body fat. The side effects within this attempt, he has experienced with massive headaches, mood swings, depressed, exhausted, 2x heart failure, 2x heart disease, fat liver, constant cravings, and gained 11 kilograms. Within the American society, fast food is mostly marketed directly to children because its more easy to target audience children, from a fast food business point of view. Fast food can be found anywhere, it is eye catching and is easy to get. America is well known to be a sick and overweight population. It would be difficult to stop the society from fast food because the society we live in now days mostly revolved around food for social media purposes as well as consuming it. Everywhere you go, we are mostly surrounded by fast food whether it is in school or work place or even when you go out.

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