The Crusade
(Jewish Perspective)

By: Giovanni
Mr. Burruel
History (M7)

The first Crusade brought panic, fear, terror, and a new type of dread for the Muslims, Jews, Christians involved in the First Crusade. One of the religions involved in the crusade were the Jews. The Jews are most famous for being crucified by the Germans and being almost exterminated from the world. The Jews though also have another major role in a part of history, with the First Crusade. The Jewish religion to begin wasn't really a dominant religion a the First Crusade. Part of the reason for this was because of Rome, and Jesus Christ. This made 2 religions sky rocket, Christianity, and Catholicism. WIth this happening the other religions would start to slowly, and sometimes rapidly fade, meaning that their religion would no longer be as popular as it used to be. Religions that suffered this were Muslims, and especially the Jews. Now that you know about Jews, then you will know what they did for the Crusade. The Jews perspective of the Crusade was as a type of attack. The Jews were one of the people who thought that they were being attacked, along with the Muslims. The reason for this was because the ones attacking, were the Christians, and the Catholics. With that said, when the Christians and Catholics attacked in the First Crusade the ones they went out for were the Muslims, and the Jews. In the Jews perspective, the Christians and Catholics were killing innocent people who weren't doing anything bad. The Jews thought that the Christians and Catholics were attacking for no reason, and to respond for that there was only one option, attacking back. With this now happening a long 3 year religion battle would begin. This battle is thought to have killed about 100,000 people or even more. The Jews would ironically be on their own side. They would never unit with the Muslims in the First Crusade, even though they both were being attacked by the Catholics, and Christians. The Jews perspective was very innocent and very confusing perspective. The Jews have another part of history that could just as well be as important as the Holocaust.

       First person perspective of Crusade (Muslim)- The invaders were attacking, they went out of rage and started attacking all of us. We tried as hard as we could to flee, and somehow find safety somewhere.

    First person perspective of Crusade (Christian)- When we finally reached our holy land, the holy land that was taken by invaders. We must take back what is ours, and we will triumph. We will kill every single Muslim, who took our Holy Land.

  First Person Perspective of Crusade (Jewish)- All of our people were being attacked, and we weren't the only ones. The other ones attacked were the muslims, and they got killed big time. If one was seen, they would be killed immediatley.

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