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  • The capital of Bahamas is Nassau
  • The official language of the Bahamas is English
  • The Bahamas is located off the eastern coast of Florida in the western Atlantic Ocean
  • The population is about 377,374, the average life expectancy is 71.93 years old, the average age is 30 years old


  • Some major cities is the capital Nassau, Freeport, and Coopers Town
  • Some major lakes and oceans are the Atlantic Ocean, Lake Killarney, and Lake Cunningham


  • The average yearly rainfall of the Bahamas is 55 inches
  • The average temperature in the Bahamas is about 85.5 degrees Fahrenheit


The type of government of Bahamas is described as a Constitutional Parliamentary monarchy and a Commonwealth realm.

This means that Queen Elizabeth II is the head of state. However, the Governor-General, Arthur Foulkes, represents her. The head of government is the Prime Minister, Perry Christie.

Religion/ Major ethnic groups

The major religion in the Bahamas is Protestant Christian

The major ethnic groups are the African-Americans, which constitute 85% of the population of the Bahamas, followed by the Whites (12%). Asians and Hispanics make up about 3% of the population.

Popular music

Junkanoo in the Bahamas

Junkanoo is the most popular style of music in the Bahamas

It has been around for several hundred years and is a vital part of the heritage of the island.


The type of clothing depends on the occasion, such as casual attire, business attire, school clothing, and formal attire

Casual attire consists of a simple jeans and a t-shirt, flip flops or skirts

Business attire is very similar to the American and Europeans in dress, Bahamians usually wear suits

People in school usually have some sort of uniform consisting of a skirt and a blouse, or slacks and a dress shirt with a tie

Formal attire in the Bahamas is usually formal evening gowns, or a tuxedo

Interesting fact

The popular mode of transportation is airplanes or a type of car called a jitney minibus.

Interesting fact #2

Some travel tips in the Bahamas, mostly related to money saving tips:

Nightclub passes: If your traveling around the Bahamas, some taxi drivers or hotels sell passes for clubs around town at a discount price.

Imported beer is very expensive in the Bahamas they can cost a total of 50 U.S. dollars! Instead of beer, you can buy rum or the local beer which is way cheaper .

Interesting fact #3

There are many animals found only in the Bahamas here are some:

The Bahama Yellowthroat, the Bahama Swallow, the Bahama Lizard-Cuckoo, and a now extinct hummingbird, Brace's Emerald.


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