Almost everything you need to know as a new student at LHS

Click HERE and sign in with your username and password to sign the handbook and AUP.

LHS provides students with an 11-inch MacBook Air. In order to be able to take your Mac home, you will need to purchase laptop insurance. Go to and click on Enroll My Device. Work through the enrollment screens and pay $40 electronically. Prepaid cards are available in the office. Students qualifying for Free and Reduced lunch need to have their parents complete a waiver in order to receive a discount of $20.

Many of the links you will need to access for school can be found on the Liberty High School homepage.

On the LHS homepage, you will find links to your school Google mail, Blackboard, and PowerSchool.

Your school email uses a Google platform, complete with Google Drive for 24/7 access to documents and a number of other useful features. Your email address is your

To become better acquainted with your MacBook, you will need to visit the tutorial site. Here you will find a number of useful tools:

Finally, the Library Media Center (LMC) has a number of useful research resources, tutorials, and links. You can navigate to the LMC tab on the LHS homepage or go directly to If you have any questions, stop by the LMC!

See you around, Blue Jay!