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“Die Luft der Freiheit weht” is the unofficial motto of Stanford and means “the wind of freedom blows.”


Stanford logo

The Stanford Tree is an unofficial mascot. It is actually a member of the band. From 1930- the 1970s, Stanford was referred to as the Indians. After that mascot was decided against, Stanford went back to its mascot of the school colors known as the Cardinal. Many attempts were made to find a new mascot, which ranged from a griffin to Huns. It was eventually decided that Stanford had done well without a mascot and they stuck with the one that had served them best. The Cardinal.

History and Origin

Stanford University founders: Leland, Jane and Leland Jr. Stanford.

Stanford University was founded by the former governor Leland Stanford and his wife Jane, in honor of their son Leland Jr. who died of typhoid fever. Leland Jr. was only fifteen when he passed away and the Stanford family decided to take in all the children of California to memorialize their son. They decided to create a university named after their son, which would be coeducational, a first in that time. The university received criticism for that, but it prospered its first year with 555 men and women starting out the school. The school was designed by the same architect that made the plan for Central Park, in New York City. Today the school has expanded in both architecture as well as in academics to become one of America’s top schools.

Fight Song

Admission Requirements

Stanford University requires the applicant to send all of the tests they have taken (the SAT and/or ACT) to them directly from ACT or College Board. No official scores are listed on the university’s website, and it listed that they will evaluate potential students based on their entire profile and not just their scores. You are also required to complete the first year common application, and include two teacher evaluations, mid-year report, a school report, and your official transcripts. They admitted 5.1 % of their applicants in the fall of 2014, majority of those being high test takers and people with good grades in high school.

Tuition and Other Costs

Budget Item                                                         2015–2016 Academic Year

                                Tuition: 45,729

               Room and Board: 14,107

     Campus Health Service Fee:  591            

                                     Books and Supplies: 1,425                             

                                                     Personal Expenses: 2,625                                             

                                                      Travel: Varies                       

Total                                                                    $64,477

Directly from the website, this is the full student budget with no financial aid or allowances for variables in student life. Few students actually pay this price to go to school, and the living arrangements budget does not take into account where the student is living but is rather just the standard amount. The school does require the students to have some type of health insurance which can be covered by parents, or can be bought directly from the school.

Campus Life

Stanford University has many traditions, including secretly assassinating other students with water pistols, and hopping into fountains when it’s hot. One of the most interesting phenomenons at the school is ‘Primal Scream’. It is a tradition created by stressed out students where you can scream as loud and much as you want on the Sunday night of Dead Week. Dead Week is the week right before finals, intended for lots of studying.

Degree Plans

For my English degree, I would be required to take 40 credits worth of classes as well as an extra 35 credits to gain the ‘with Creative Writing Emphasis’. The History degree would require 63 credits, or 13 classes.

Historical courses


Literary History I



Literary History II



Literary History III


Methodology courses


Poetry and Poetics



Narrative and Narrative Theory


One course in Critical Methods 1


Also Required


Senior Seminar (WIM) 1



Senior Capstone Seminar

One additional history of literature course 2 3


Total Units



Fiction Writing



Creative Nonfiction


Reading and Writing Poetry (Can be fulfilled with a poetry literature seminar)



Development of the Short Story: Continuity and Innovation



Intermediate Fiction Writing (or any 190 series or 191 series)


or ENGLISH 191

Intermediate Creative Nonfiction

3 elective literature courses (One of the courses may be fulfilled with a creative writing workshop).


Total Units


1. One Sources and Methods Seminar (HISTORY 1S-99S) 1


Sources and Methods courses offered this year are:


The Animal Other: Humans and Animals in Western History



Brave New World: Berlin in the Twenties



Magic and Occult Science in Early Modern Europe



Debtor Nation: 20th Century American Capitalism



Intimate Frontiers: Race, Gender, and Colonialism in the American West



The Americans are Coming!: The Cold War at Home and Abroad



Family and Law in American History



Bandits, Merchants, and Saints: The Sino-Tibetan Frontier, 1700-2000



Muscle Men and Iron Girls: Sex and Masculinity in Chinese and American History



Christianity in East Asia


2. Two 200-level undergraduate colloquia (HISTORY 200-298) 2


3. At least one other small group course


To be chosen among the department's undergraduate colloquia, research seminars, or Stanford Introductory Seminars

4. Two lecture courses 3


One of which must be either

A Europe survey course such as:


Survey of Early Modern Europe

Or, or a United States survey course such as:


Colonial and Revolutionary America


19th-Century America


The United States in the Twentieth Century

The second must be a lecture course in African, Asian, Middle East, or Latin American History.

5. Completion of the Writing in the Major (WIM) requirement 4


Research Seminar for Majors


6. At least 6 additional courses to total a minimum of 63 units.


Cover Letter

Addalyn Bryant

Hyperion Books

c/o Editor Mail


237 Park Avenue

New York, NY 10017

May 19th, 2015

Good afternoon Ms. Bryant,

I am inquiring into the possibility of having an interview with you concerning an internship at Hyperion Books this coming summer.

In previous correspondences, I mentioned that I am still a high school student, although I have other experiences that promote me beyond that of a just starting out college prospect. My experiences include working in the library, which allowed me to come in contact with many different kinds of books and the people that like them, as well traveling and living abroad to experience entirely different cultures and their ways of telling stories and writing. The library is a place full of published books which gave me a wide variety of opinions on how books are perceived and what makes sense in a story. With a publishing company, coming up with new and original material is just as much of a needed skill as evaluating how to best complement a story and/or writing style. Living in places like Germany gave me a similar skill set. The people who make their home their are blunt by nature, and I imagine their stories would reflect that. Knowing things about different audiences gives me a new and very different perspective that could be useful to create interesting, best-seller worthy material.

Authors like Rick Riordan of the Percy Jackson series were published by Hyperion Books, and became widely successful. I want to be apart of a company that can make amazing series’ that apply to large audiences so that I can give the joy that I had reading books back. This program fits me because I have a unique skill set that can bring new things to the workplace.

Thank you for considering me, and I hope to hear back from you soon.


Carolyn Mason

12345 Eggshell Road 79938


861-324-7844 (c)

Letter of Recommendation

For Whom It May Concern,

On the behalf of Carolyn Mason, I am writing this letter of recommendation to Stanford University for the Ancient History and English Programs that you are offering. Ms. Mason excels extremely in History and English. She is an amazing student who is involved and radiates a humble personality, and is also very caring person.She shows extreme amounts of dedication and knowledge in whatever she does. Her personality draws people to her and makes it easier for them to be able to learn from her. She is a very excellent worker and student.

In the 6 years that I have known Ms. Mason, and the four years that we were in high school, she worked extremely hard when it came to her class work and even harder to maintain her ninety and above average. Her extracurricular activities include the National Junior Honors Society and theatre. Her work ethic surpasses everyone that I know, including myself. Her community service includes productions with Kids and Co. “Hairspray” and the “Bamburg Bazaar”.

Growing up takes a toll on every person, and it does not always change people for the better. Carolyn, on the other hand, has taken aging in stride. She has grown into a beautiful young women and will blossom into an even more successful and outgoing women at whatever university she goes to. If you would like to speak to me further about Ms. Mason, then please contact me at

JonQuanetta Barnett

English Department Chair

AP English Teacher

Pebble Hills High School

El Paso, TX 79938



                                                   Carolyn Trinity Mason

                                     18464 Dove Point El Paso, Texas 79938

                                    Phone: 410-272-0711 Fax: 443-324-6868



I am a student who just graduated from Stanford University with a bachelor’s degree in English and History, which I plan to apply to publishing book by using history and proper writing techniques to find and edit the best and most original content. Every person should have the opportunity to read books and love them as much as I do, and I plan to achieve that goal by putting out outstanding works.


Library Assistant May 2018-November 2020

Served as a library assistant which required an understanding of the Dewey Decimal System and the different genres of books. Was also required to aid patrons in finding books they would enjoy as well as instructing them on where library materials could be found and how to use various technologies.

Archivist January 2021- May 2023

Examined and organized historical documents for the Museum of Natural History around the Stanford area. Required an extensive knowledge of history and of the area. Most important part of the job was identifying the diversity of the documents, and the importance of documents found in older parts of the town.


H.S. Diploma 2014-2018

Pebble Hills High School

Top 10%

National Honor Society

Bachelor’s Degree of Arts: English 2018-2022

Stanford University

GPA: 3.49

Dean’s List 2018-2021

Bachelor’s Degree of Arts: Ancient History 2018-2022

Stanford University

GPA: 3.49

Dean’s List 2018-2021

Master’s Degree: English 2023-Present

Stanford University

Currently Attending

Master’s Degree: History 2023-Present

Stanford University

Currently Attending


-Diverse Way of Thinking

-Mentor to Fellow Students

-Dedicated To All Projects

-Great Communication Skills

-Technologically Adept

- Notable Reading and Comprehension Skills

-Ambitious Attitude

- Quality Critiquing Skills

Persuasive Essay

As the world enters a new age of more advanced technology and more competition for jobs, college has become a necessity for any kind of success. Competition for getting into colleges has also become more difficult, and only the best and brightest are allowed to attend more prestigious schools such as Stanford. The students that are accepted into that school are bright people who also have a personality that allows them to take a true interest in what they’re studying. As a student, not only would I be involved with what I’m learning, but I would use every piece of my experience for my future as a successful writer.

English and History classes are not similar whatsoever, but I plan to use both to gain an accurate mindset on the world around me and how I can affect it. Teachers like Michelle Elam and Allyson Hobbs teach a wide variety of subjects that can affect what and how I go about writing. Stanford offers classes about gender and women studies, as well as classes pertaining to race. Writing more diverse characters and truly understanding how to go about that, would improve my writing more than just taking any English class would.

Writing stories has always been a passion of mine and I have always wanted to take that interest to the next level. English will allow to create my stories in a way that makes sense to audiences as well as understand what kind of writing styles I have and how they can be used. The stories I plan to write have heavy influences of fantasy, and those take the fanatical and combine it with some truth of our world. Stanford professors have a wide teaching range and would be able to answer any questions that I might have concerning worldbuilding, and creating original stories and characters. Having an accuracy to my stories that just research could not add is important because it makes my stories more engaging and interesting.

Stanford University has and wants students who are engaged in what they are learning, who embody the morals the university holds. As a student, I have managed to do both of those by keeping my grades up and being involved in everything my high school had to offer. Success is important to me and I feel as though Stanford University can offer me the best chance to get there. English and History would make me a well rounded student and would help me be a student that reflects great things on the university itself. English would allow me to write well versed papers, and history would give me the opportunity to be more than just one American girl who knows what the American public school system has taught her. I deserve Stanford University’s acceptance because it a university that I could benefit and one that could benefit me.

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