Ancient Japan

The nobles' love of beauty began with their own appearances. They had magnificent wardrobes with different materials, such as silk and gold jewelry. Women wore long gowns and dresses made of 12 layers.

In addition to how they looked, Japanese took care of their language and how they spoke and many women wrote diaries & journals. Many men wrote in Chinese while noble women wrote in the Japanese language. As a result,some of the greatest works of Japanese literature were written by women. One of the greatest writers was Lady Murasaki Shikibu.

Besides literature , Japans's nobles' also loved visual arts. The most popular art forms of the period were paintings, calligraphy, and architecture. Many Japanese paintings illustrated scenes of literature such as The Tale of Genji. Many calligraphers spent hours & hours carefully copying poems. They wanted theorems to look as beautiful as they sounded.

The nobles Heian worked to make their city beautiful. They greatly admired Chinese architecture and model Heien after the Chinese capital Chang'an. The copied Chinese building styles especially in the many temples the built. The styles featured buildings with wooden frames the curved slightly upward at the ends. The wooden  frames off the left unpainted to look more natural