Henrico County

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The County seal was first shown in 1942 or 1943 as a logo created by County Planning Administrator W.B. Wilkins. The logo first used on the cover of the Biennial County Manager’s Report. Pocahontas remains on the flag as a symbol of Henrico County's government’s efforts to bring together the diversity in it's community, and the process of bringing together resources to strengthen as a whole.

Henrico County is approximately 245 square miles and has an estimate of a population of 314, 932.

Henrico County is a mixture of a very urban but still a rural city. As shown in the pictures above. You see many roads, highways, buildings, and outlets, but on the other hand there are also many trees and even farms.

The Board of Supervisors appoints the County Manager. John A. Vithoulkas started as a budget analyst in Henrico County during 1997. he was promoted to Budget Director, Director of Finance, Special Economic Policy Adviser, Deputy County Manager, and finally County Manager in 2013. The County Manager is responsible for carrying out policies given by the Board of Supervisors. He also presents an annual budget to the Board of Supervisors for the expenditures of the County.

Henrico is a good area to go to school in. It has a good transportation system and provides a safe and reliable trip. if you were to count, henrico school buses travel an equivalent total of 1771 round trips from Henrico, Virginia, to Los Angeles, California.

Henrico County paramedics mission is to provide an organization for care, with trust and help the community.

Fun Facts about Henrico County

Henrico County has been around since 1634.

Skate Nation is a fun attraction in Henrico County.

In honor of King James I, Henrico was named after him

established in 1611 as one of the state's eight original shires

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